For all non-emergency calls please dial 101 or 01273 470 101. In the event of an emergency or if you feel there is a threat to a vulnerable person or people dial 999. Please note that all calls are recorded for policing purposes. The calls on 101 cost 15p however long they last. If they are busy you may have to wait a little while but they will answer you. The 101 number should always be used to report any new crimes or incidents.

Sussex Police can be contacted on

For more information about Neighbourhood Watch please visit the Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network, and the Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation, You can also access: where local meetings are listed. Further information can be obtained by visiting or phone 0800 555111 if you wish to pass on information about any crime or criminal, but prefer to remain anonymous.

If you want to help stop anti social driving and abandoned vehicles please contact Operation Crackdown on 10243 642222, or email