Application for 27 homes south of Allington Road

Newick Parish Council has received notice that an application for 27 homes from Rydon Homes Ltd. on the south side of Allington Road has been received by Lewes District Council. If you would like to view the plans and make a comment on them you have until Wednesday 24th April 2024 using the link below. To comment you simply agree to the terms and conditions on LDCs website and then do a search using LW/24/0217. This proposal will be of particular interest to residents who will remember the application for housing at Mitchelswood for 63 homes in 2014 (LW/14/0703) which went through multiple levels of appeal and was ultimately refused in 2021. This new application is for part of the land from that original application.  This site is numbered 16NW on the Land Availability  Assessment which Lewes District Council is using to identify developable sites for its emerging local plan.  This site has again been rejected by LDC for the same reasons that it was refused in 2021.


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