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Local Plan Consultation

Responding to the draft Lewes Local Plan

Newick Parish Council are so grateful for the tremendous support by over 350 residents at the open morning we hosted on January 6th. We now need all residents in the Parish to give their views directly to LDC in this formal consultation process – luckily the deadline for feedback to LDC has been slightly extended to Monday 19th February, so you have plenty of time.

The link for this is:… However we are aware that this is a long and complicated task so if you only want to make a few comments on specific areas that’s fine! Any comments you have can be sent in by email to or by letter to Lewes District Council, Town Hall, Grove Road Eastbourne, BN21 4UH

To remind you, here are some key points and questions posed by the Plan, and we have also added some of the main feedback you gave us:

Overall Housing Requirement

The number of houses currently suggested by the Government’s method of calculating the district’s housing need is based on old housing projections. Lewes District Council argues for a lower estimate of housing need based on the more up-to-date housing projections from the Office of National Statistics and local circumstances.

Do you agree with this approach?

For Newick, most of the potential sites in the village have been assessed by LDC and are currently deemed not sustainable for development. Is this reasonable? You told us that you wanted to remain a village and not turn into a town or to merge with North Chailey.

Homes for Everyone

The Plan emphasises on securing two-bedroom homes through new development and retaining smaller homes –Do you agree? You told us Newick needs starter and downsize homes and that ‘affordable homes’ can be beyond the reach of many in Newick.

The draft plan prioritises affordable homes with social rents and the ‘First homes scheme’ for those who cannot afford to buy their first home. Do you agree?

Infrastructure and Community Facilities

You told us that this was your biggest concern for Newick. You said that for example the schools, the public transport, the parking, the doctors, the sewage and water system, are either over capacity, broken or not fit for purpose. What would you like to see LDC doing to meet the need for infrastructure and community facilities?

Climate   Are there any further policies you would like to see included to respond to Climate Change?

Natural Environment

Does the Plan seek to sufficiently protect the landscape? Are there any further policies you would like to see included to protect and enhance our natural environment?

Water Theme
Are there any further policies you would like to see included to respond to water resources and water management?

Whatever your view on these and the other key points of the Plan, please tell LDC directly. The more replies LDC receive from us the more informed they will be!

Our local District Councillor Charlotte Keenan has been very vocal encouraging feedback and is keen to hear from any residents who have any questions or need clarification, before responding directly to LDC